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Originally established in 2014 as Masqurade Modeling and then rebranded and relaunched November 2016. EVON Models is a rising model agency for models in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. EVON Models is small by design in order to maintain personal approach to representation of our models. EVON Models understand and recognize the individual needs and aspirations of the models and helps to create paths to highlight the models personal, unique abilities. We don't just work with experienced models to provide a next step to their careers and also work with new, beginner models to develop their talent and professional modeling skills. With the same intend and approach given to the models, we also give to clients. A commitment to exceptional service and professional talent is given in order to fulfill the needs and goals of the clients' projects. As of November 2016, all of our models are currently representing and/or hired for jobs for boutiques, designers, and clothing entrepreneurs, inside and outside of Wisconsin. EVON Models' lead Agent also works and is a scout for clients in larger markets outside of Wisconsin such as for numerous Professional photographers and magazine brands. Those relationships and exposure and network that gets built, helps increase the exposure and networking for models in EVON Models.

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